2 days later....

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2 days later....[edit]

Today we will speak in islands, Croatia, Croatian cities, and folks. In the navy, my dearest served for a while. From time to time, he told me romantic stories about the sea, dolphins, sailing, and the wind blowing in your face. So, what would you give this type of guy on his birthday - new mobile phone or yet another wrist watch? I chose a sailing excursion on a chartered yacht. He hadn't ever been to a country of numerous isles, Croatia and the purest Adriatic Sea. What a great thought for our journey blog! Luxurious travel under sail is absolutely a fresh experience and the sailing in Croatia is something specific. Here, you are able to find over a thousand islands with well-preserved towns assembled by the early Greeks or Romans. The shore is presented with Split, Pula, Komiza, Rovinj, Pula, and Rovine many areas to see! Afterwards, we will write about some of them-- Rovinj and Rovinj, for instance.: [Greece yachts hire]